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Working as Trainer on networking basic and advance from year 2003. Working  in a largest ISP as head of technical from year 2000, Including Bijoy Online Ltd, Many ISP network designed and configured,  First Mikrotik Listed consultant of Bangladesh, Training  received from many organization and from different countries. Training Given to more than thousand IT managers and organizations: MIST, DGFI, Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Air Force, Bangladesh Army, Railway, Grameen Phone, Dhaka University(evening MBA), and thousands of Internee Students. Also working as Mikrotik consultant in many organization of many countries.Our training fully practical working and practice based, which will ensure practical working experience.







A.K.M. Jahangir 
(Mikrotik listed 1st consultant of Bangladesh)
Managing Director & Head of NOC, Bijoy Online Ltd 
Basic & Advance Networking Trainer,  & CTO of IMC Plus.
Web: www.bijoy.net/jahan/  01819-231755,  fb/akm.jahangir
BSc(Hons), MSc, DU. MTCNA (Egypt), MTCRE, MTCTCE, Cyber Security' China.